You want the best for them, and so do we:

My mother, a jewelry maker herself, taught me the value of taking the time to make beautiful things by hand and the importance of using quality materials in doing so. I didn’t understand this fully, though, until I became a mom myself. I wanted to find products for my little girl that were thoughtfully designed, and more importantly, made to last. With kid's jewelry often made using cheap materials and unsustainable plastics, this was no easy task.

I started Little Lucky for all the mamas who have been frustrated with pretty things that fall apart quickly—trust me, I get it. Our babies are active and curious and I believe they should have reliable things that won’t break mid-adventure. Life is full of movement, fun, and mess, and our jewelry is made to hold up through it all.

We craft each of our pieces by hand with natural materials so that you can feel good about what your littles are wearing and they can wear them for years to come.